Holá España

Holá España

I am so excited to announce that I am going to spend next Fall in Madrid at La Universidad de Alcala to finish up my Spanish minor! I’ve booked my plane tickets, bought my suitcase, and ready for an adventure of a lifetime. I thought about other Spanish speaking countries to study aboard, but I really wanted to travel around, experiencing everything that I can as time permits me. So I chose to study in Spain. I chose this program especially for their class that allows students to follow and shadow doctors at a local hospital. It is an amazing experience because I heard that student get to see a lot of interesting things around the hospital. One of the students that took that class told me that on her first week shadowing that she got to scrub in and watch a C-section. That’s pretty cool!

I know it is going to be hard, but I am ready to experience a whole four month aboard. What is even better is that my best friend is going to join me and we are going to experience this together! I can’t wait to see what Spain holds for me!

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