Goodbye Roma!

Goodbye Roma!

Today was the last day that we were going to be in Rome. We started the day with a meeting with the International Organization of Migrants. This was the most interesting by far. We learned that this week at least 3000 migrants had come to Italian shores and about 800-900 had died. All the facts and information that he gave was so interesting. I didn’t know that there was a higher person involved moving the migrants across the Mediterranean. They don’t really care whether or not of the well-beings of the migrants. The smugglers in fact will only put enough gas to get the boat half way or give the migrants life jackets that the stuffing has been replaced. The meeting was very eye open to me about all the immigration issues that are occurring right before my eyes. It’s pretty cool to be in Italy as it one of the main countries that migrants are coming to from Africa, the Middle East, and other areas.

Later in the day, we had our last class with Dr. Cruise. She asked us if we were changed from our experience on this trip. Personally, this trip has been so eye opening to not only the Italian and European culture, but also of the American culture. This trip was very introspective as I learned that the United States is more influential than I had thought. Every Italian and meeting that we went mentioned the election and Donald Trump. One in particular struck me the most. I was getting a sandwich at this small place when this Italian man began to talk to me. In our discussion, he asked me about if I was going to vote for Hilary or Trump. He then even mentioned that he was scared of the things that can occurred if Trump is elected president.  It is kind of sad to me that us, Americans, do not pay attention to world politics and are ignorant about other countries, when probably know our own country better than us.

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