VSA Lunar Moon Festival

VSA Lunar Moon Festival

Back in September, I attended the Vietnamese Student Association’s Lunar Moon Festival. They had multiple booths from different organizations before the main program started. It ranged from food stalls to games to arts and crafts. One of the booths that I went to was one that was making Chinese lucky charms. It was kind of hard to make a first, but I eventually got the hang of it!

After going around a couple of booths, the main program started. There were an assortment of types of performances that groups performed. There were traditional dances to hip-hop routine to pop Vietnamese music. My favorite performance was not even Vietnamese. It was the OU Arashi Taiko performance. If you don’t know what OU Arashi Taiko is, it is a club that is based on Japanese drumming. It was pretty cool because it was a lot different from the other performances through the night. Their routine was upbeat and had a lot of energy to it.

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